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Ship In Bottle Barrel Whiskey Decanter Set

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DECANTER SET WITH GLASSES - ENHANCE YOUR HOME BAR with this unique complete elegant whisky decanter set, includes a Barrel decanter accompanied by four whiskey glasses masterly arranged on a CLASSIC MAHOGANY WOODEN TRAY. •

BARREL DECANTER - Lead free decanter capacity: 1000ml - The top glass stopper protects your liquor from evaporating or changing the taste. Fill it with whiskey, bourbon, scotch, alcohol, vodka, soda, liquor, wine, cocktails etc. and SEE THEM SHINE THRU THIS LEAD-FREE LIQUOR DISPENSER. •

FOUR WHISKEY GLASSES - Heavy Base 10 Oz Whiskey Glasses won't break and will retain your drinks temperature, whether you prefer it ice cold or room temperature, the solid design is unbreakable. •

SHIP IN A BOTTLE - A Work of Art, A Conversation Starter: Each whisky Barrel bourbon decanter is a skilled artisan’s decorative handblown masterpiece, with a custom designed ship on the inside, detailed and beautiful, you will be so proud to use and display.

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